What my clients say...

Client Feedback

You can read recent comments, feedback, and success stories from some of my clients below. Please note to respect client privacy personal details have been omitted.

Lesley is a very nice person and is super easy to talk to. She always helps put my mind at ease if I'm upset over something. 10/10. I never really want our sessions to end.

Lesley is a thoughtful, compassionate, and considerate Counsellor. Throughout our sessions, I always felt comfortable enough, and challenged enough, in my thinking, to be able to see things from different perspectives. She has been an invaluable support at a particularly difficult period in my life, helping me to address some of the root childhood issues that have been affecting my adult life. She was very accommodating and supportive in organising and maintaining our sessions for which I am abundantly grateful. Lesley's empathy and relatability have been invaluable, and I would recommend her as a top notch Counsellor to anyone in need of space for their thoughts, feelings, and issues to be heard and addressed.

I have just completed a 4 week course with Lesley on building up my self-confidence and low self-esteem. I would thoroughly recommend Lesley. She made me feel at ease, is very professional, and has made a massive difference in just 4 weeks. I would definitely rate Lesley 10/10. Thank you again Lesley.

Lesley is great at what she does. She has helped me deal with things that I haven't felt comfortable with in my past, and she does it in a way that doesn't feel like Counselling. She keeps things professional, but we can also have a laugh or two during our session. Although I don't have anything else to compare to, I am confident that I would struggle to find a better Counsellor. I find her very easy to talk to, and she makes me feel listened to and heard.

First time ever speaking to a Counsellor. I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought I would struggle talking about things that affect or upset me. Also, with Covid I wasn't sure how effective phone-calls would be. She calls on time when your time is booked for. Lesley makes it safe and very easy to speak. I find her very comforting and extremely understanding. Even though she is a Counsellor, you do feel very at ease speaking with her, and I, already, am feeling the benefits of my time with Lesley. This is a decision I do not regret making. A lot of people, including myself, can sometimes be put off by the price. Don't!! Do it! You'll never look back, and, in the end, it’s been a very small price to pay for my Mental Health and finding my way of coping with things that are out of control.

After experiencing the worst loss a person can go through, I needed to reach out for help. I was so grateful when I got introduced to Lesley. It doesn't matter what's on my mind, Lesley just sits back and listens and guides me in the best way she knows how. We have built a really beautiful bond and I'm really grateful for that. She understands and breaks down everything I have going on in my life, and reminds me I'm not going crazy while continuing to help me understand grieving the loss of my Daughter. Lesley is very easy to talk to, and is a lovely woman who has everyone's best interest at heart. Thank you for being there when I need you, and Thank you for being on this journey with me. I don't quite know what the future holds, but every week you give me the strength I need to keep pushing on. All my love from me and my beautiful Angel in the sky. I know she will be super grateful you're keeping her Mummy afloat.